'17 Runoffs Supplemental Regulations Ready

The Supplemental Regulations for the 2017 Runoffs® National Championship at Indianapolis Motor Speedway have now been posted online and are ready for review.  Along with general information and track rules, the “Supps” provide details on entry eligibility, registration and credentials, on-track sessions, timing and scoring, pre-race tech inspection and impound procedures.  Specifics about paddock rules, qualifying and race results, and guidelines for decals and patches can also be found in the Supplemental Regulations.


The 2017 Runoffs will take place September 25 through October 1 with four days of qualifying followed by three days of racing.  The course at Indianapolis Motor Speedway will be an exciting 15-turn challenge running 2.592 miles in a clockwise direction. The layout, which can hold up to 72 cars per Runoffs race, consists of ten right-hand and five left-hand turns, as well as a main straight 3,700 feet in length.